• 4 weeks are dedicated to 4 individual projects (~one project every 3 weeks)
  • Half a day is devoted to a subject
  • Perfectly English-speaking students will take French courses and French-speaking students will take English courses.
  • Courses details (1 ECTS ~ 10H) :
Course NameCourse leaderECTS
Ultrafast OpticsJohn Dudley4
Nano-OpticsFadi Baida4
Advanced Nonlinear OpticsFabrice Devaux4
Advanced Quantum OpticsEric Lantz4
Advanced Numerical Methods in PhotonicsFabrice Devaux4
Advanced InstrumentationMaxime Jacquot4
Metamaterials and Multiphysical CouplingsMuamer Kadic3
English / French & soft skillsC. Gosselin/A. Gelin3


  • In addition to their classical lectures, students will attend: 
    • Seminars and workshops (Photonics days organised by the OSA student chapter, Frontiers in Photonics, SMYLE French-Swiss partnership in engineering…)
    • Conferences and talks from local and international researchers
    • Micronora : Europe’s largest trade fair for microtechnology

    • Hacking Health : 3 days open innovation marathon in Besançon aiming at breaking down barriers in the field of health innovation.

Master PICS program abstract